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Women Cell is designed to empower women socially, economically, politically and legally with a focus on promoting decision making. It conducts various activities like poster making; participating in awareness programs, visit to slum area, arranging various activities for nearby village women, workshop on gender equality and Health and Hygiene. Also arranges Guest Lectures to accelerate the academic enhancement, leadership development and cultural enrichment in the lives of young women. Women cell invites women of nearby villages and slum area to visit college which is an eye opener to them to realize the value of education and the importance of providing proper education to the children.

To generate awareness among students about the rights and responsibility of women in society, protection of women against harassment and welfare and empowerment of women in society.




Dr. Kuntal Jadeja

Dr. Kuntal Jadeja, Secretary of Obstetrics and Gynaecological society Rajkot, had delivered lecture on "Health and Hygiene". She explained in detail the process of menstruation with its cause and importance. She advised girls to change their perception about periods as there is nothing unclean or shameful about the process. She explained side effects in terms of physical changes and behavioral issues occurring during menstruation due to imbalance of various hormones. She has given dietary tips during periods just to minimize such problems. Adequate nutrition is important during the young adult years for proper growth & development. By the example of nutritive food stuff she convinced girls that how such food decreases the risk of iron deficiency "anemia".


Abhayam Mahila Sammelan

Abhayam Mahila Sammelan was jointly organized by District Zonal Office, Municipal Corporation and Police Department, Rajkot the main Conference Hall, BAPS temple, Rajkot. Chief Guest of the function was Smt. Vibhavariben Dave, the Minister of State for Women and Child Welfare, Education (Primary and Higher) and Pilgrimage Department.

181 ABHAYAM WOMEN HELPLINE was introduced among all presents girls and women. 181 ABHAYAM mobile app was Launched by Gujarat Government to provide effective emergency help to women in distress, anywhere in the state. Detailed information of the app was provided by one video. The mobile app was installed by all present women according to the instructions given by official of Gujarat Government.





Mr. Vivek Joshi

Mr. Vivek Joshi, Advocate, Gujarat High Court had delivered lecture on “Cyber Crime & Cyber Safety”. Main focus of his lecture was to understand what Cybercrime is and how one can protect personal data & devices from Attack. According to him Cyber Crime is the outcome of our high dependence on the Cyberspace or so called the Internet world. Cyber Crimes are illegal acts where the computer is used either as a tool or a target or both. Sir explained in detail the different types of cybercrimes such as Fraud, Hacking, Identity Theft, Scamming, Computer Viruses, Ransomware, DDoS Attack, Botnets and many more.



Skill based workshop for the preparation of herbal face cream and herbal hair pack was organized by the women cell on 14th August 2019. Dr. Jignasa Joshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Christ College was invited as an expert Dr. Jignasa Joshi prepared face cream and hair pack in front of students using all herbal ingredients which are easily available in market. During preparation she explained role of each and every ingredient. Face cream was prepared using Aloe Vera gel, Liquorice powder (Jethimadh), Vitamin E Capsule, Finely crushed almond & pista, Orange essential oil, coconut oil, turmeric and olive oil. Madam advised students to use such homemade products because they have many advantages as they do not contain harmful preservatives and other toxic substances.



Awareness Program on Health & Hygiene was organized by AAROHAN, Christ Women Cell in the Government Primary School of Veja Village, near Rajkot. Ishita Soni, President of the Cell explained importance of cleanliness in routine day to day life. With the help of Chart, Julie Dobariya and Jhanvi Rana, students of TY Microbiology discussed the best cleaning tools used in regular life such as tooth brush, hair comb, Scrub brush, Mop etc. Personal hygiene is necessary in maintaining cleanliness of one's body and clothing to preserve overall health and well-being. Many School students were having addiction of tobacco. Our students prepared chart and kept some photos to explain dangerous effects of tobacco. In simple language they discussed that tobacco is one of the most abused substances in the world. Nicotine is the main addictive chemical in tobacco. They convinced some students to quit chewing tobacco.

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