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Co curricular Activities

Industrial visits

Industrial visits aim at providing practical exposure to students while they are learning theory and conceptual aspects of different management subjects in college. Students of the department are guided on practical application of managerial knowledge during industrial visits. Depending upon the graduation year, students are taken to visit corporate units of different size working in different industrial sectors of the economy.

Project Presentation Competitions

The main objective of project presentation competition is to widen and strengthen the understanding of students on practical studies, develops analytical and critical perspective among students which also prepares them for the university examination.

Youth Contest

Youth contest is organized on January 12 to celebrate National Youth Day - Swami Vivekanand’s birth anniversary. The objective is to identify emerging young talents and promote and motivate them to bring desired positive changes in the society. Participants identify effective lessons and incidents from the life of swami Vivekananda and present them in front of other students.

International Youth Day Celebration

The Department of Business Administration organizes competitions in tune with United Nations’ celebration of International Youth Day on August 12 every year. The main objectives of this celebration are:

  • To make students realize and understand the critical role that the youth has to play while discharging their duties towards family/parents, school/college and nation.

  • To make students aware of the issues being faced by today’s youth as well as to give them real life experience of working on youth related issues in a practically challenging environment.


Department organizes workshop for the development of overall personality of students. Particular emphasis is given to the students of first year, mainly the ones who are from the vernacular. The workshop helps students enhance their skills and overcome weaknesses and fears. The objective is to make students understand themselves better.

Parents’ orientation

A Parents’ Orientation is organized to give parents a brief idea about the college environment and current education system whereby they too could be updated with current trends and understand the pattern in which their children are expected to study and behave.

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