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Christ College is a second college affiliated to the Saurashtra University started offering Biotechnology since the year 1999.  Biotechnology is an exciting branch of science which involves applied aspect of biology.  Biotechnology has a huge applications in the field of agriculture, environment, medicine and industries. To cater need of the manpower required in Gujarat in particular Saurashtra region, we started this course.

Faculties of the department are qualified and experienced contributed significantly for the development of department since its inception. Faculties are actively involved in the research and successfully completed UGC sponsored a research project and MHRD sponsored project on E-content development in collaboration with IIT Gandhinagar. At present department is handling major research project sponsored by UGC. They hold advanced academic degrees and underwent postdoctoral trainings in reputed university in Sweden. 

Department is a student centric and conducts various activities like departmental seminar, quiz, biotoon competition, paper presentation, motivational talk etc. which intercalates various qualities in the personality development of the student. To sensitize and bring awareness among students, department also arranges visits to cancer hospital, food industry, pharmaceutical industries, waste water treatment plant, forensic science laboratory and premiere research institutes. To provide hands on training and instil research aptitude in our students, third year students undertake a small research projects. Department has produced many university rankers since 2003. We also help students to prepare for entrance exam and contribute to an overall personality development.

With more than 500 students graduated from Biotechnology, we see our students opting for further studies in premier institute of our country like NCBS, IISC, TIFR, CCMB and various universities in abroad like USA, Germany, England, France, Australia, UK, Sweden and Canada for further studies in the field of biotechnology. Our alumni also opted for the important career option of School teaching and contributing to the need of motivated and efficient teachers in Rajkot city and Gujarat state. They have also joined premier industries of biotechnology in the state and opting for entrepreneur as career.

We also offered add on courses like certificate on Plant tissue culture technique for 3 years. Recently we started offering course on CMLT in collaborations with Microbiology department.


  1. B. Sc. Biotechnology


Biotechnology Department is a well-established with basic and sufficient number of instruments to cater needs of individual students. Instruments includes double beam UV- visible spectrophotometer, High speed  cooling centrifuge, horizontal and vertical  electrophoresis units, Power packs, Kjeldahl apparatus, vertical and horizontal  laminar air flow, binocular and compound microscopes, incubator, shaker, colorimeter, visible spectrophotometer,  pH analyzer, autoclave, deep freeze, refrigerator,  water analyzer, orbital shaker, water bath, well equipped plant tissue lab, dark rooms


1. Visit to Forensic Science laboratory

Department of Biotechnology has organized a visit to forensic science laboratory on 8/7/2015 especially for second year student. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about the activities related to the forensic science.   Under the direction of Mr. Priyank Patel, 24 student left for the visit at 10 AM by Christ College bus.  The session started with very informative presentation on structure and function of FSL by Mr. Rashmikant Majumdar. FSL has divided the laboratories in three division like physical, chemical and biological. Students visited the departments like Toxicology division, Prohibition Possession division, Blood alcohol division, Narcotics division, Cyber forensic division, Ballistic division, Serology division, DNA finger printing division, Forensic psychology division, Brain electrical oscillation signature profile, Photography division, Document & handwriting division.

It is rightly said that “see and know” is better than “read and learn”. They got a chances to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical implication. This will help the student to understand subject clearly in future.

Forensic Science laboratory

2. One day training programme in Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank

On 24th July 2015, Friday, the TY Biotechnology students visited Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank situated on Malviya road, Rajkot. It is the first blood bank in Rajkot to be accredited by NABH. The purpose of the visit was to deepen the knowledge of student in immuno-haematology. Dr. Nishit Vachhani shown all the activities of blood bank – how it functions and all the instruments used. Lectures were delivered on ABO blood grouping – with forward and reverse grouping methods, Cross-matching and Antibody Screening’ and Diagnosis of Transfusion Transmitted Infectious Diseases by the expert team. Post lunch was practical session where along with the basic techniques students performed ELISA. After the session four of our friends came forward to donate the blood. At the end the certificates were given by Dr. Sanjiv Nandani, the pathologist of the blood bank.

One day training programme in Rajkot Voluntary Blood Bank


3. Visit to Cancer Hospital- to bring awareness among students

Cancer-- The Emperor of All Maladies- Siddhartha Mukherjee

As a part of departmental activity, the student visited Cancer hospital. It was started in the year 1969 and is situated opposite to Nirmala Convent School.  We were 25 students accompanied by with 2 faculty members. We visited different departments of hospital like Out Patient Department (OPD), Surgical Oncology Department, Radiation Oncology Department, Radiology Department, Medical Oncology Department, and Pathology Department. We were taken around by the accountant of the hospital.  He explained us everything about functioning of each department. We also got an opportunity to interact with patients who have been operated recently. He had mouth cancer due to consumption of tobacco since childhood. He gave a piece of advice to all students that never consume tobacoo. It is injurious to health. We also had detailed visit to Pathology and radiation therapy, which is very important to biotechnology students. Techniques in each department explained us about functioning of different instruments. We also had interaction with staff at histopathology department. They showed and explained us about different parts of body with tumor. Addition to orientation to different departments, they also showed us Movie to bring Social Awareness on “No to Tabacoo”. After seeing movie we had interesting interaction with Dr. Vijay Gupta on “cancer and biotechnology”.  He cleared so many doubts we had on about Cancer. It was a worth spending day at Cancer hospital. Because in addition of giving insights on operation of cancer hospital, it was an awareness program which is very important for today generation.

Cancer Hospital- to bring awareness among students

4. Orientation and screening program on preparing national level competitive exam

Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology has jointly organized GSBTM sponsored “the orientation and screening program on preparing national level competitive exam” on 5th January, 2016. It was conducted by coordinators of nodal center of GSBTM (Atmiya College, Rajkot). It was mainly conducted for second year and third year students of Biotechnology and Microbiology. Total 161 numbers participated in the programme.

Coordinators first explained about various entrance exams conducted by national agencies and success rate of GSBTM conducted workshop. They also gave insights on advantages of joining such national institutes. They also showed scholarship slabs offered by national institutes and further prospects for career development.   At the end they took exam as mandatory screening test for TY and SY students.

Orientation and screening program on preparing national level competitive exam

5. In-House Workshop For Second Year Student

The aim of this workshop was to orient students for basic microbiological techniques. Because within CBCS framework, Biotechnology student never study microbiology as core subject and they are important for further studies.  In order to give hands on experience on basic techniques used in microbiology, we conducted 4 days workshop for SY BSc (Biotechnology) on 1-2 & 8-9 February, 2016. It was conducted during routine practical schedule. We taught different techniques like culturing in aseptic conditions, pour and spread plate technique. Overall it was brainstorming sessions and students enjoyed learning new things.

6. AIDS awareness programme

Department of Biotechnology has organized AIDS awareness program for B.Sc. B group students on 9th March, 2016.

The objective of this program was to bring awareness about HIV, AIDS and educate them with the importance of personal health and hygiene among students. Program was started at 11:00 AM in Main conference hall. Dr. Apeksha (MBBS, MD Pathology), Medical officer, Civil Hospital, Rajkot gave an excellent presentation regarding prevention, causes, symptoms and treatment of AIDS. Students actively interacted with speaker.

AIDS awareness programme

7. Visit to waste water treatment plant

On 11th January 2016, the department of Biotechnology and Microbiology had organized educational trip to the waste water treatment plant situated at Raiya for the second and third year student of respective department and were accompanied by two of the faculties.

The objective of the visit was to bring awareness among students about operation of waste water treatment plant, Rajkot.

The visit was started at the early hours of the working day by our college bus.  Mr. Kapil Joshi in charge engineer of the plant oriented us with operation of waste water treatment.  They treat the water by two means primary and secondary treatment. Later treated water is used for agricultural purpose.  Later Mr Kapil Joshi showed us around the plant.

8. Visit to Fisheries Research Station

Department of Biotechnology and Department of Microbiology has jointly organised educational tour for SY and TY Biotechnology and TY Microbiology students to Fisheries Research Station, Sikka (Dist: Jamnagar) on 19th January, 2016. This tour was accompanied by five faculties (2 from Biotechnology Dept. and 3 from Microbiology Dept.).

The objective of this tour was to inculcate and bring awareness about economically importance of mollusks, its habitat and to develop technology for species preservation, production and propagation.

Our journey to the centre started early in the morning by a private bus. The centre is located 28 km west of Jamnagar and is connected with road. Dr. Hitesh K. Kardani is the Research Officer of the station. Tour was guided by Shri P. K. Madhvi (Laboratory Assistant) and Shri Piyush Vadher (Senior Research Fellow). They gave information and demonstration regarding standardization of technology in pearl production; resource survey of Edible oysters, Pearl oysters and Mussels. And finally to preserve the species of economic importance through hatchery spat production, rearing them and recruit them into natural Pearl oyster habitat.

Fisheries Research Station

9. Biotech Corner

Biotech corner was initiated to intercalate important virtues like leadership qualities, team work, and user friendly with technology, explore inbuilt creativity and talent, to Within this program, students are divided into different groups in such a way that it contains equal number of students from first, second and third year.   Each group prepares poster on topic related to recent advancement in biotechnology and topic is given well in advance. Moreover evaluation is made by student so that they learn to be unbiased and do fair judgment. This year we conducted two biotech corner i.e one per semester. The topic were (i) Gene therapy and its applications (1st week of July 2015) and (ii) AIDS: History, life cycle, prevention, treatment and awareness (2nd week of December, 2015). Students of all three years participated actively.

10. Motivational talk

We arranged for motivational talk on 12/12/2015. We showed 3 different videos speech given as Harvard Commencement speech. Those speeches were delivered by (i) JK Rowling well known writer (ii) Sandra Sandberg, COO of Facebook (iii) Oprah Winfrey media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. They were very motivating speeches.

Departmental Activities -2016-17

Department of Biotechnology carries out various activities every year like. We visit cancer hospital to bring awareness and sensitize students about the side effects of tobacco addiction. We also visit to research institute and food industries to expose student to the practical knowledge and to show advance instruments.  AIDS awareness programme to educate young students, the most vulnerable population for increasing HIV infection. We also conduct various other academic related activities conducted in biotechnology club which would provide insights and keep them updated about subject. Students also perform a small research projects which provides hands on training and provoke research aptitude in them.

Certificate Coruses

  1. Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Technician

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