Biotechnology is an applied and multidisciplinary science exhibiting potential for revolution in the benefits of human society. The Department of Biotechnology has been striving to achieve excellence by inculcating the values of innovation and creativity in young minds and by creating awareness of growing branches of applied life science through undergraduate program.


Department of Biotechnology, Christ College, Rajkot, has a three-year Bachelor’s program with specialization. The medium of instruction is English. The department is one of the oldest departments of the college with alumni working across the globe. Faculties are well qualified and experienced with PhD and Post-doctorate degrees. Two Faculties of the department have PhD guideship and one CSIR Net qualified.

The Department has 3 qualified staff members headed by Dr. Charmy Kothari.

  1. Dr. Charmy Kothari, Associate Professor & Head
  2. Dr. Padma Ambalam, Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Priyank Patel, Assistant Professor
  4. Ms. Ami Jivani, Lab Technician

Best Practices of the Department::

  • Department of Biotechnology is one of the eight nodal centers of N-BT-CBC, GSBTM, Gandhinagar. As Nodal center, every year we conduct crash workshop to prepare students to pursue MSc in national level institutes since 2018.
  • Students get an opportunity to perform small research projects in the third year of their UG program.

List of the special subjects taught by the Department:

  • Introduction to Cell Biology and Biotechnology
  • Fundamentals of Biomolecules
  • Metabolism of Biomolecules
  • Environmental Biotechnology & Biostatistics
  • Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Immunology
  • Principles of Biotechnology Applied to Plants and Animals
  • Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology
  • Advanced Molecular Techniques and Bioinformatics

Additional Features of the Department:

Department of Biotechnology is actively involved in the research and extension activities. We have successfully completed government funded minor and major research project from UGC. We have developed MHRD sponsored E-content modules on Analytical Technique in Biochemistry in collaboration with IIT, Gandhinagar. The Department is the nodal center N-BT-CBC of GSBTM since 2018-19. Department of Biotechnology is the main coordinating department of DBT-STAR College Scheme Strengthening of support from the academic year 2020-21

Major Events Conducted by the Department:

  • Orientation programme for national competitive exams in the Saurashtra Region
  • Workshop for third year and second year students to prepare them for national competitive exams
  • Social awareness programme on cancer
  • Visit to research centers in nearby cities, water treatment plant etc.
  • Awareness programme to sensitize students on social issues - Hemoglobin testing and Thalassemia
  • Alumni Interaction
  • Webinars on Covid-19 Pandemic and related issues

Expert Talks:

No. Expert Title of the Talk Month/Year
1 Dr Chintan Chattbar
Post-doctoral Scientist, Institute of Neuropathology, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany
Intercellular CNS Communication in Health and Disease 20/10/2020
2 Mr Hiren Odedra
Consultant (Strategy), Strategic North, 2nd Floor, Westgate House, 44 Hale Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA14 2EX UK
Making an Impact in Life Outside the Lab! 21/10/2020
3 Ms T. Rajeswari
Scientist, Mentor at GTAC Melbourne, Australia
In the Pursuit of Science 22/10/2020
4 Mr. Ritesh Pandya
Forensic Applications Specialist, United Chemical Technologies (UCT), Bristol, PA, USA
Forensic Toxicology 23/10/2020
5 Dr Vishal Oza,
Post-doctoral Scientist, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama United States
Understanding Biological Complexity: A Network Perspective 23/10/2020
6 Dr Pooja Tajpara,
Post-doctoral Scientist, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
Regulation of Antiviral Immune Responses in the Skin 24/10/2020
7 Ms Deepa Nair
Regulatory Affairs, Consultant - Business Process Coordination, Manager at Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Europe B.V, Netherlands
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (Higher education & Job Scope) 24/10/2020
8 Professor BJ Rao
Senior professor, Chair of Biology and Dean, faculty at IISER, Tirupati
“COVID-19 Pandemic: What is it and How did this come about?” 6th May 2020
9 Dr. Maya Raman
Associate Professor, Dept of Food Science & Technology, Kerala university of Fisheries and Ocean studies, Cochin
“COVID-19: Food Safety & Nutrition” 30th May 2020
10 Prof. Dr. Bruno Pot
Science Director Europe with Yakult Europe, Netherland, Guest Professor at Vrije University, Brussel, Belgium
"Probiotics and Immunity: A Long but Interesting story? June 18, 2020
11 Dr. Radhika Javia
Program Manager, KCPF
Spreading Awareness about Mouth Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer in the Saurashtra Region July 25, 2019
12 Life Blood Bank, Rajkot Thalassemia awareness program 17th February, 2018
13 Mr. Smit Shah, e-Security, Ahmedabad Cybercrime and Security 8th February, 2017
14 Professor Rakesh Mishra
Director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad
What did I Find Amazing in Life? Dec 8-11 Dec 2016
15 Professor Hari Mishra
Head Molecular Biology Division, BARC, Mumbai
Microarray Technology Dec 8-11 Dec 2016

Certificate Courses:

  1. Certificate course on Introduction to Bioinformatics (2020-21)
  2. Certificate course in Basics of Computers (2017-18)
  3. Certificate course in Biofertilizers Production (2017-18)
  4. Certificate course in Medical Laboratory Techniques (2016-17)


  • Pursuing higher degree in Biotechnology
  • Employment in Research and Development Cell
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher in School, College and University
  • Marketing Executive in Biopharmaceutical Company
  • IPR and Patent attorney
  • Lab Technicians
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Scientist in National Institute and Pharma Company
  • Clinical Researcher