Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics, started since the inception of the college, has the credit of successful degree holders with flying colors. As an integral part of the institute, the department arranges various activities to inculcate interest towards the subject and the prime focus of the department is to provide a conceptual base in mathematics which helps the students continue their studies. Apart from this, the department provides a right sense of direction for living as a responsible citizen.


B.Sc.  in Mathematics


  • Books in the Central Library:   

             Number of Mathematical books available in College library is 290.

  • Books in the Departmental  Library:   

         Number of Mathematical books available in Departmental library is  


  • Number of Computer Labs:  03


1. Expert Lecture:

Dr. Nirav Vyas, Assistant Professor, Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science, Rajkot delivered a talk on “Career Opportunities with Mathematics ” on 25th July, 2015. More than 150 Students of SY BSc (A)  and TY BSc Maths attended the talk.

2. Problem solving Contest:

Department of Mathematics had organized problem solving contest-2015 for the students of Christ College, Rajkot.

Round-I (Preliminary Round):
Class Conducted on
FY BSc  A1 & A2 22-08-15
SY BSc  A1 25-08-15
SY BSc  A2 24-08-15
TY BSc  Maths & Other Stream 27-08-15

Number of Participants:197

Cut off Marks: 11/20

No. of shortlisted Students: 31


Round-II (Final Round):

Date: 05-02-2016

Number of Finalist: 21

Venue: Room No. 116

  • Lathiya Parth (TY BCom)
  • Khachar Hardeep (SY BSc A2)

Activities planned in the academic year 2016-17:

No. Activity Planned on
01 Expert Lecture 30-07-2016
02 Problem Solving Contest-2016

Phase-I : 27-07-16

Phase II:03-08-16

Phase III:30-11-16
03 Integral Bee Contest 27-08-16
04 Class Seminars Throughout the year
05 Project Presentation Competition 16-12-16
06 In- house Mathematics Quiz 07-01-17

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