To emerge as a center of academic excellence by providing an environment where the students learn mathematics through practical applications and by promoting innovative research in the field of mathematics.


The Department of mathematics, Christ College, Rajkot, has a three-year Bachelor’s program. The medium of instruction is English. Apart from ICT related equipment’s, the Mathematics classroom is also used as a Mathematics Laboratory for the students to perform their tasks related to Mathematics.

The Department has a staff of four highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members headed by Dr. Amin Kothiya

  1. Dr. Amin Kothiya Assistant Professor and Head
  2. Mr. Shares John Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Jagrut Tripathi Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Kalpesh Vankani Assistant Professor

Best Practice:

The department focuses on practicing a problem set with numerous examples from variety of domains that would teach the practical applications of different concepts. Professors and students work in a collaborative environment where problems are solved through different solutions and students’ progress is regularly examined. The students are also made to participate in co-curricular activities like debate, quiz, sports, games etc.

Syllabus of Mathematics consists of concepts like Calculus, Differential geometry, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Differential equations, C Language, Sci Lab etc., which includes wide range of branches of Mathematics.

Major Events Conducted by the Department:

  1. Integral Bee contest
  2. Problem solving contest
  3. Oral and Poster presentation in Mathematics

Expert Talk:

No. Expert Title of the Talk Month/Year
1 Dr. S. K. Vaidya Bibliography of Ramanujan July, 2016
2 Dr. Nirav Shah Applications of mathematics and Career opportunities September, 2017
3 Dr. Jaydeep Parejiya Logical Mathematical problems related to NET exam August, 2018
4 Dr. Naresh Ajudiya Cryptography in Linear algebra July,2019
5 Dr. Chirag Barasara Applications of Mathematics October, 2020

Certificate Courses:

  1. Introduction to Latex
  2. Statistical Test analysis
  3. Introduction to SAGE


Being a Mathematics student, one can pursue a career in data analysis. Mathematics graduates are hence in much demand in government departments, semi-governments, research organizations, technical branches, banking sectors, colleges, and universities and in Indian Space Research Organization, Defense Research and Development Organization and many others.