Department of Business Administration

The department of Business Administration is established to develop managerial talent so as to fulfill the requirements of corporates and society by providing excellent management education and research through continuous capacity building. The mission of the department is to develop outstanding managerial competence capable of providing enlightened and effective leadership, to further the advancement of knowledge in the field of management by undertaking relevant research programmes and to collaborate with counterpart institutions, industry and government in the development and application of new knowledge for the benefit of society.


The department of Business Administration offers a three year BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course affiliated to Saurashtra University with specialization in following subjects:

  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Human Resource Management


The department has following facilities and resources (some on sharing basis):

  • 4 Classrooms
  • Department library
  • Projectors in classrooms
  • Computer lab
  • Central Library
  • Computer and printer


Orientation of the department:

Orientation of the department aims at introducing unique features and practices of the department to the new students. It was conducted on 29th June, 2015. The aspects covered in the orientation programme were history and development of the department, staff profile, main activities of the department, dress code, project work, etc. Senior students of the department made presentation covering these aspects so as to make new students familiar with the functioning, rules and practices of the department.

Parents’ orientation

Parents’ orientation was held on 4th July, 2015 with an objective to familiarize parents with departmental and college rules, activities and examination system. An initiative was taken for the first time to give parents a brief idea about the college environment and current education system whereby they too could be updated with current trends and understand the pattern in which their children are expected to study and behave. Precisely 26 parents attended the meeting and participated in discussing the academic concerns of their child.

Freshers’ party:

The objective of this activity is to welcome new members of the Christ family in the department by organizing an informal function. The senior students (second year and third year students) of the department organized a party for welcoming juniors on 16th July, 2015 at 5 o’clock in the evening in the open auditorium at Christ College. The idea was to celebrate the entry of new members in the family so that all the students of the department can start working together as a team then onwards. The programme included singing and dance performances, games and DJ.

Industrial visit to Sona Ceramics and Sopan Paper Mills

An industrial visit for the students of BBA semester 3 was organised on July 25, 2015 Saturday by the department of Business Administration. Students visited three manufacturing plants in Morbi. Before leaving for the visit, students of BBA semester 3 made a presentation on the manufacturing plants where students were to be taken for the visit. The first manufacturing plant was ‘Sonaki Refined BoneChina’, a manufacturer of all types of crockery items. The second plant was ‘Sona Ceramics’, a firm producing sanitary and bath wares. The third industry was ‘Sopan Paper Mill’.

Youth Contest

Department of Business Administration celebrates International Youth Day on 12th August by organizing Youth Contest every year. It was organized for the third time on 12th August, 2015. The competition was divided into main two parts. In first category, there were four rounds – preliminary round, semi final round, pre final round and final round that was put on 12th August, 2015. In this final round, participants made presentation on ‘I am an asset to the society’ and group discussion on ‘What is the correct age of sex education?’. Part two was presentation on the performance of the task on campus. Judges of the final round were Dr. Paresh Joshi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Christ College; Dr. K.J.Thankachan, Proncipal, Christ Institute of Management and Mr. Minu Pala, Faculty Member, RKC. The winners were Drashti Garach, Hardik Sondarva and Deveshree Sheth.

Vividha 2015

Vividha 2015 – Versatility in Edutainment, a National Meet of the commerce and management students was held on 22nd August, 2015. It was jointly organized by the department of Commerce and the department of Business Administration. The theme of the event was Inclusive Growth. Staff convener was Ms. Darshita Ganatra and Brij Sheth and Shetul Majithiya were the student coordinators. Chief guest was Dr. Sanjaybahi Bhayani, Dean of Management Faculty and Head of the department of Business Administration, Saurashtra University. Key note speaker was Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza, Associate Professor, Head of Marketing area & chairperson of the online programmes, MICA, Ahmedabad. There were 160 student volunteers in the organizing team and 365 students from various colleges participated in 6 different competitions, viz., Explore’ya (Paper Presentation), The Tuning Point (Event Review), Caseactment (Case Study & Role Play), Round the Table (Group Discussion), Fin Street (Finance Competition) and Market Maniac (Marketing Competition). The overall champion trophy was won by B.K.Majumdar Institute of Business Administration, Ahmedabad


Industrial visit to Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd.

An industrial visit for the first year students was organized on 8th October, 2015. The students were taken to visit “BALAJI Wafers Pvt. Ltd” in order to prepare their project report under the curriculum. The number of students who attended the visit were 37 along with the faculty members. It included plant visit and an interaction with the concerned managers at the end of the visit.

Class seminars

Class seminar is a regular practice of the department. It aims at providing first primary platform to students to develop their conceptual understanding and presentation skills. A topic is assigned to a student from the syllabus of a particular subject and the student is expected to prepare that topic with the help of subject teacher and present it in the class. To add a motivational element to this, one student from each class is awarded for the best seminar presentation at the end of the year. In the academic year 2015-16, in all there were 39 seminar presentations in the department.



Department of Commerce and Department of Business Administration jointly organized one day picnic on 19th December, 2015; Saturday to Kutch and Mandvi. Mr. Gaurav Vora from Department of Commerce and Mr. Devang Mehta of Department of Business Administration were given responsibilities for organizing the entire picnic. It consisted of visit to Vijay palace and Mandavi beach. Students played different games and enjoyed during the whole day.


A workshop on “Personality Development” was organized by the department of Business Administration on three days – 8th, 9th and 10th February, 2016. Sr. Daya, student counselor and assistant professor, Department of English was the resource person for the workshop. Responsibility for making the arrangements for the workshop was given to winners of youth contest – Drashti Garach, Hardik Sondarva and Deveshree Sheth. The participants of the workshop were divided into three groups. Total 53 students from three classes participated in the workshop.

Project Presentation Competition

Project presentation competition is another regular feature of the department wherein students need to present their project work done under the subject Practical Studies. The objective is to improve the quality of project work and to widen the practical perspective of students. Preliminary round of the competition was held on 26th February, 2016 and the final competition was on 1st March, 2016. Judges were Mr. Joy D’souza, Assistant Professor, Christ Institute of Management and Mr Kalpesh Vankani, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Christ College. The winners were Vidhi Solanki, Bhargav Shingala and Manisha Karamchandani.


Farewell Party:

Farewell party for the third year students of the department was put on 10th March, 2016 at 5 pm in open auditorium. It was clubbed with the closing ceremony of the Trendsetters’ club. Anchoring was done by Aleena Fernandes and Chetan Kotak. The responsibility of games was discharged by Manali Galani and Vidhi Solanki. Father Rojant and Mr. Abhijitsinh Vala gave speech and shared their views and feelings on the occasion. From students’ side, Deveshree Sheth shared her experiences and feelings.

Trendsetters’ Club

Trendsetters’ club is a club of the students of the department. All the students of the department and MAM students are members in the club. Following activities/competitions were conducted by the club during the academic year 2015-16.

Inaugural Ceremony:

The inaugural ceremony was conducted on 29th June, 2015 at 11.45 am in the main conference hall with an objective to make new students familiar with the structure and functioning of the club. It was anchored by Deveshree Sheth and Manali Galani. It was attended by Fr. Benny Joseph (Director, Christ Campus), Dr. Yvonne Fernandes (Principal, Christ College) and Mr. K.J.Thanckachan (Principal, Christ Institute of Management). Special invitees in the ceremony were Jayveer Thakker (Trendsetter of the year 2014-15), Deepak Pandey (an awardee for the commendable contribution in the club) and Rini John (an awardee for the commendable contribution in the club).

Ad – Mad: Branding & Advertising:

The competition was organised on 23rd July, 2015 at 12 noon in the conference hall of the Christ Institute of Management. Khushboo Makkar and Purva Trivedi were anchors. the judges were Mr. Manthan Joshi, Branding & Advertising Manager, Nirali Restaurant, Rajkot and Mr. Ruchir Pandya, Freelance Advertising consultant and faculty of commerce department, Christ College, Rajkot. The event was divided into three rounds namely, Logo & Punchline, Pamphlet designing and Advertisement Analysis. Students of MAM semester 3 were the overall winners.

Management Hunt:

It was conducted on 16th February, 2016 from 11.45 onwards. The competition was an innovative combination of fun and learning. Clues were developed in management terms. 11 teams each comprising 5 members participated in the competition. There were 15 destinations. Mr. Gaurav Vora was invited for the technical conduct of the competition. MAM students secured first and second position and BBA students stood on second and third position (there was tie for second position).

Case Analysis & Debate:

The competition was conducted on 4th March, 2016 at 11.45. The event was divided into two phases: (1) Case study (elimination round) and (2) Debate (final round). Five teams were registered for the first round. Six students were selected for the final debate round – three to speak for the motion and three to speak against the motion. The topic for the discussion in the final round was: “Man Made God, God Made Man”. The judges were Mr. Gaurav Vora, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Mr. Hardik Udeshi, Assistant Professor, Department of English. Drashti Solanki was the anchor and Parth Joshi played the role of moderator. The winners were: the team consisting Khushboo Makkar, Monish Kariyaniya and Manisha Karamchandani – against the motion. Khushboo Makkar was declared as the Best Speaker.

Closing Ceremony:

Closing ceremony of the club was put on 10th March, 2016 at 5 pm in open auditorium. It was clubbed with the farewell party of the department of Business Administration organised for the outgoing batch. Anchoring was done by Aleena Fernandes and Chetan Kotak. The responsibility of games was discharged by Manali Galani and Vidhi Solanki. Anchoring for the formal part of distribution of certificates and trophies was done by Manisha Karamchandani and Vidhi Solanki. Fr. Rojant and Mr. Abhijitsinh Vala gave speech and shared their views and feelings on the occasion. From students’ side, Deveshree Sheth shared her experiences and feelings. Brij Sheth, Parth Upadhyay and Deveshree sheth were awarded for their remarkable contribution to the club in three years.

Activities: 2016-17

  • Industrial visit for third year students: Last week, June 2016
  • Industrial visit for second year students: Second week, July 2016
  • Orientation for first year students: 12-07-2016
  • Parents’ orientation: 15-07-2016
  • Workshop: 16/17-07-2016
  • Youth contest: 12-08-2016
  • Industrial visit for first year students: third week, September 2016
  • Picnic: 17-12-2016
  • Study tour: third week, January 2017
  • Project presentation competition: second week, March 2017

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