Department of Business Administration


To be a world-class business school by achieving excellence in management education.


The mission of the department of Business Administration is

  • To develop outstanding managerial talent capable of providing enlightened and effective leadership
  • To further the advancement of knowledge in the field of management by undertaking relevant research programs
  • To collaborate with counterpart institutions, industry and government in the development and application of new knowledge for the benefit of society


The Department of Business Administration, Christ College, Rajkot, has a three-year Bachelor’s program with specialization in Marketing, Finance and HR. The medium of instruction is English. Department of Business Administration is unique in what it stands for and how it functions. Following unique characteristics would justify this claim:

  • The department offers a three-year professional course, viz. BBA which is designed by its affiliating University – Saurashtra University. The course comprises a judicious mix of subjects whereby students are imparted conceptual knowledge as well as practical understanding.
  • A comprehensive set of subjects, viz. Management, Accounting, Taxation, Entrepreneurship, etc. enhances knowledge of students and widens their perspectives in all the areas that are instrumental in the overall development of the economy.
  • The teaching methodology used by the faculty members of the department aims at developing skills and building competency. This is in support to government initiative of Skill India.
  • The department encourages research initiatives. Students are guided to write research papers, participate in research based activities/competitions and undertake research projects.
  • The department conducts value based activities like Youth Contest so as to contribute in the direction of building responsible citizens of India.

The Department has 4 qualified staff members headed by Dr. Darshita Ganatra:

  1. Dr. Darshita Ganatra, Head and Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Abhijitsinh Vala, Assistant Professor
  3. Ms. Khushali Katira, Assistant Professor
  4. Mr. Devang Mehta, Assistant Professor

Best Practice

The best practice of the department is Youth Contest. Department initiated this practice in the year 2013-14. The contest aims at developing students as responsible citizens of the nation. The contest is held with a view to achieve following objectives:

  • To make students realize their own potential
  • To make students understand their role as leaders and change makers
  • To create awareness about the problems prevalent in society and their solutions and to make students understand importance of contributions of all in the development and betterment of society
  • To develop and promote social leadership
  • To promote Swami Vivekanand’s teachings in life

List of the special subjects taught by the department:

Optional Subjects offered in Final Year:

  1. Marketing
    Sem 5: Advance Marketing
    Sem 6: Retail Management
  2. Finance
    Sem 5: Investment Banking and Financial Services
    Sem 6: Contemporary Issues in Investment
  3. Human Resource
    Sem 5: Management of Industrial Relations
    Sem 6: Performance and Compensation Management

Additional Features of Department

One of the special characteristics of the department is Trendsetters’ club that functions for the development of much-needed managerial skills among students. It conducts activities and programs for the development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills like problem solving, decision making, analytical skills, etc. It inculcates the spirit of excellence in every sphere of life. The club works for the enhancement of students’ personality and versatility. It provides platform to students to showcase and develop their talents. All in all, the club gives practical exposure to students whereby they are made perfectly fit to take up challenges of the corporate world.

Major Events Conducted by the Department:

  1. Industrial visits
  2. Celebration of International Youth Day
  3. Project Presentation competition
  4. Personality development workshops
  5. Expert lectures
  6. Youth contest (celebration of National Youth Day – Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary)
  7. Vividha

Expert Talk

No. Expert Title of the Talk Month/Year
1 Shri Om Prakash Rai Effects of Covid-19 on Financial Markets in Upcoming Years May, 2020
2 Mr. Vaibhav Puranik
Owner, Kalpataru Capital
Investment Awareness February, 2020
3 Mr. Yash Rathod
Mr. Pranav Bhalala, ‘Young Indians’, NGO
Family Business & Entrepreneurship October, 2019
4 Dr. Dhaval Motwani
Professor, Fanshawe College, London, Canada
Marketing Practices – the Canadian Way August, 2019
5 Mr. Malay Popat
Sr. Branch Manager, ShareKhan, Rajkot
Practical Demonstration of Stock Market Operations January, 2019
6 Mr. Kartik Bavishi
Investor Service Centre, BSE
Investors’ Awareness August, 2018

Certificate Courses:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Research Methodology
  • Stock Market Operations
  • Tourism Management
  • Start up and Innovation


Following are rewarding opportunities that are available to students after acquiring BBA degree from the department of Business Administration of Christ College, Rajkot:

  • BBA graduates can start their own business ventures in the areas that are of great importance to the economy – Event Management, Tourism management, Hotel and Hospitality Management, etc.
  • It is an eligible degree to apply for various government jobs like civil services, banking sector, defense services, etc.
  • BBA graduates are perfectly fit for joining and expanding family business as this course develops all the required business skills like problem solving, leadership, project management, etc.
  • BBA graduates can pursue professional courses like CA and CS.
  • BAA graduates are eligible for placement on executive positions like Finance Manager, Business Consultant, R & D Manager and Marketing manager.

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