Report of The Election by AAROHAN - Christ Women Cell 2016-17

The election of office bearers of Women Cell was held on 9thJuly, 2016.

The candidates for the post of president were Amitha Aby (TY BSc Micro), Dhritiksha Baria (TYBSc Microbiology), Peshavariya Himani (TY BSc Chemistry) & Santy Thomas (TY BA). The candidates for the post of vice-president were Neerja Upadhyay (SY BA) & Urvisha Solanki (SY BSc B).

The candidates for the post of Secretary were Seba Saji (FY BA), Mansi Patel (FY BA) & Mansi Malvi (FY BA).

The following students were elected for the post of President, Vice President and Secretary by the members of Women cell.


President: Ms.Santy Thomas (TY BA)
Coordinator: Ms. Amitha Aby (TY BSc Microbiology)
Vice-president: Ms. Neerja Upadhyay (SY BA)
Secretary: Ms. Seba Saji (FY BA)

They were given an orientation of their role as office bearers & the responsibilities of their offices.

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