Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17

Christ College
Department of Commerce & Career and Placement Cell
Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17

Sr. No. Session Specification Faculty Conducted
1 Think without Ink Mental Calculation for Quantitative Aptitude Mr. Alay Shah 6.12.16
2 Communication Skills Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Skills Ms. Arundhati Trivedi 14.12.16
3 Cracking the Aptitude Test Aptitude test taking strategy Mr. Hardik Yagnik 10.1.17
4 Arithmatic fun 30 mins test paper of Arithmatic followed by analysis Mr. Hardik Yagnik 10.1.17
5 Digi Vocab Vocabulary building Ms. Arundhati Trivedi 10.2.17
6 Analytical & Logical Reasoning 45 min test paper of Reasoning followed by analysis Mr.Hardik Yagnik 17.1.17
7 Group Discussion & Group Exercise Dos and Don'ts of GD & GE with 2 mock GDs Alay Shah 16.2.17

The Department of Commerce and Career & Placement Cell, Christ College, Rajkot in association with Endeavors Careers Pvt. Ltd. organized free sessions for Competitive Exam Coaching covering the various aspects such as communication skills, logical and analytical reasoning (quants), arithmetic, mental maths, group discussion. The sessions were planned from 6th December 2016 to16th February 2017, one session in each week.

The first session was on mental math and the expert was Mr. Alay Shah, Pharmacy Graduate from Al-Ameen College, Bengaluru and a post graduate from Goa Institute of Management, Goa having corporate work experience and now in the field of Education. He is an excellent instructor for Quantitative Area, he is also an expert on Personality Development. This young tutor has been in the field of training for various competitive exams like CAT, CMAT, GRE and CLAT and has been motivating students to think the unthinkable for over six years. His passion to make students dream big and finally help them achieve those has made him scale great heights. He began the session with learning squares of various numbers up to 25 and then calculating squares through short techniques for numbers above 50, 100, 200 and so on for any number. Around 84 students from all faculties attended this session.

The second session was on 14th December 2016 and was conducted by Ms. Arundhati Trivedi, M.A. in English Literature is a verbal faculty at Endeavour Careers Pvt. Ltd. Associated with teaching of various competitive examinations for last ten years, she trains students for exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and CMAT etc. Moreover she also trains students for group discussion and personal interview. She herself has appeared for exams like CAT and has scored 98+percentile. Her vast reading and years of experience make her an expert in the field. All in all, she is a passionate and dedicated teacher with the aim of excelling her students in their careers and lives.

Her session on Verbal and Non verbal Communication skills began with a video followed by deciding title based on that video by the groups formed. Various titles such as Zeal is the Way, Perseverance beyond perception were given. She discussed aspects of reading comprehension to answer questions and give title to passage as the essence of the activity done. Further , she discussed the importance of learning new words with the help of pictures. She also discussed about formation of new words and breaking words to find the meaning easily. She also did an exercise on non verbal communication using facial expressions and how non verbal communication was important in GDs and interviews.

Her session on vocabulary building dated 10th February 2017 covered learning of various root words like Gammos – marriage and then related words like polygamy, monogamy, misogamist, ambi meaning both thus various words like ambiguous, ambivalent, ambidextrous ansd many other root words such as ben – good, malus- bad, phil- love, somn- sleep and many more. She also covered various words adopted from other languages like Latin, French eg. Celium ambrosia, gormandise etc and finally gave tips to have word recall. She suggested learning root words, using words using storytelling, using them in next 24 hours and repetition of those words. She also suggested replacing contact names list with difficult words to ensure recall.

Mr. Hardik Yagnik , an Electronics Engineer from Sardar Patel University and an MBA from Institute of Management, Nirma University has worked IDFC Ltd and Standard Chartered Bank as a manager. Having an overall experience of five years of teaching and guiding students to score their desired results for competitive exams like CAT, GRE, CMAT and CLAT he conducted two sessions for the students of the College.

His session dated 10.1.17 covered “How to crack Aptitude Test”. He began with a brief introduction about the four parameters of aptitude test namely reasoning, verbal ability, general knowledge and math. He introduced the participants to the different tests like CAT, SNAP, NMAT, GMAT and many others. He started the training with questions pertaining to blood relation followed by direction sense, sequence and series questions, percentage increase and decrease, time, speed and distance, ratio and proportion. He also discussed tricks to follow in case of large data (tick and cross method).

The other session conducted by him was Quantitative Aptitude Test followed by analysis on 17th January 2017 and the last session covered “Dos and Don'ts of GD with mock GD” This session was conducted on 16th February 2017 on the topic “ Are Women better Managers” . He gave a brief introduction on Dos and Don’ts of GDs and then two rounds of GD were conducted by the participants followed by analysis by Mr. Yagnik to suggest improvements in GD skills and better preparation.

Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17
Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17
Ms. Arundhati Trivedi - Vocabulary building and Verbal & Nonverbal Communication Skills

Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17
Mr. Hardik Yagnik
Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17
Mr. Alay Shah
Think without Ink- The art of mental Calculation

Free Competitive Exam Coaching - 2016-17
Dos and Don'ts of GD with Mock GD

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