One Day National Seminar on Language and Literary Trends in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Saturday, March 11, 2017 saw the first national literary seminar hosted by Christ College, Rajkot. The event was graced by the presence of several eminent dignitaries which included Chief Guest Prof. Jaydeepsinh Dodiya, Head of Dept. of English and comparative literary studies, Saurashtra University, Prof. Emeritus Om Prakash Juneja, Keynote Speaker and Former President, International Council for Canadian Studies, Plenary Speaker for the day, Prof. Kamal Mehta from the Dept. of English and comparative literary studies, Saurashtra University, Dr. Sahadevsinh Jhala, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Saurashtra University, and Shri Harshad Mehta, Assistant Commissioner of the Police along with Reverend Father Benny Joseph, Director, Christ Campus, Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, Principal, Christ College and Dr. Paresh Joshi, the convener of the conference.

The inaugural ceremony commenced at 10 am with Miss Soni Zala as the anchor for the day. Lighting of the lamp was followed by an enriching prayer dance performed by Ms Bhoomika Goswami and Ms. Sangeeta Pillai, students of the College. Following this, all the dignitaries and the chief guests present were welcomed with bouquets. Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, Principal, Christ College, then delivered a welcome address to the audience.

Thereafter, Shri Harshad Mehta addressed the audience with a brief speech on the rapidly changing literary trends after the 19th century and how literature is in actuality a reflection of human history. Fr. Benny then presented a memento to Shri Harshad Mehta.

Following this, the Chief Guest, Prof. Jaydeepsinh Dodiya rendered some insights into the existing loopholes in the classroom teaching ethics which lead to a poor performance in English at UG level. Ending his address, sir stressed the need for a systematic manner of learning English as a language at primary and secondary level and to that extent presented the decision of the Vice-Chancellor Saurashtra University to guide and help students through a one-day workshop. Dr. Joshi then presented a memento to Prof. Dodiya.

Prof. Pratapsinh Chauhan, honourable Vice-Chancellor Saurashtra University then delivered a pre-recorded presidential address owing to his absence from the seminar.

Keynote speaker Prof. Emeritus Om Prakash Juneja then delivered an interesting session on ‘Post Truth Era - Modernism or Post-modernism?’ The hour-long discourse ran from modernity through post-modernity to the post-truth era.

Reverend Fr. Benny then presented Prof. Juneja with a memento.

Mr. Hardik Udeshi then presented a memento to Dr. Sahadevsinh Jhala.

A vote of thanks proposed by the convener of the session Dr. Paresh Joshi concluded the inaugural session.

The inaugural session was followed by a plenary session anchored by Mr. Hardik Udeshi. Plenary Speaker for the day, Prof. Kamal Mehta then concluded the session by shedding light on the unification of the language in the 19th century. Dr. Joshi thereby marking a successful end to the first part of the national conference presented a memento to him.

Thereafter began six parallel sessions chaired by Prof. Sanjay Mukherjee, Dept. of English, Saurashtra University, Prof. Ravisinh Zala, Dept. of English at Saurashtra University, Prof. Neela Shah of Jasani College, Dr. Ketan Pandya from Arts and Commerce College, Gondal, Dr. Paresh Joshi, Christ College, and Dr. Tisha Roy, Christ College respectively.

More than 55 research papers were presented by the students and faculties from various institutions on a multitude of topics revolving around English Language and Literature.

Dr. Paresh Joshi
Conference Convener

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