Creative Zone, Department of English organized Literary Week from 6th February to 11th February, 2017 with a motive to identify and encourage creative talent possessed by students. For the first time ever Creative Zone introduced events like ‘Creative Story Writing’ and ‘Just A Minute’. Except ‘Literary Quiz’, all other competitions were open to the College students. Due to certain inconvenience, Spell Bee competition which was to be held on 9th February was postponed to 13th February. In total 107 students participated in various competitions.


Day 1 - Literary Quiz

The first event of the Literary Week was conducted only for the student of Department of English in order to generate interest for literature and to test their literary knowledge. Literary quiz was conducted on 6th February, 2017 in room number 112 from 12:00pm onwards. In total 18 students participated in the event.

Mr. Hardik Udeshi was the quiz master and hosted the competition. The rules and regulations of the competition were introduced to the participants who were divided into six teams, each consisting of three students. There was an elimination round conducted, by end of which two teams were eliminated. The remaining four teams were explained the rules for the forthcoming rounds. The rounds included ‘Rapid fire round’, ‘Pick the odd one out’ and ‘Visual round’

At the end of visual round one more team was eliminated and the remaining three teams were competing in the final round. The teams were explained the rules for the last round and at the end of it winners were announced. First place winners were Priyanka Jadeja, Purvi Bhatt, and Mansi Malvi. Second place was secured by Yashraj Zala, Shruti Joshi, and Bhoomi Ajmera. Third place winners were Seba Saji, Hiral Jadeja and Nikunj Radadiya. The first day of Literary Week ended successfully with a happy note.

Day 2- Poetry Recitation

Poetry Recitation was the second event of Literary Week conducted on 7th February, 2017. There were 10 participant. The competition was held in room no 112 from 12:00 pm onwards. The judges were Mr Ruchir Pandya and Dr Paresh Joshi. Bhoomi Ajmera of FY BA was the anchor for the day. Participants were given a liberty to choose their language of poetry from Hindi, English or Gujarati with a motive to promote National and Vernacular language. The first rank was secured by Farida Chawla, second by Ajay Wadra and third by Mansi Malvi and a consolation prize by Aarsh Panchamatiya. The competition ended with valuable feedback and gazels by the judges Mr Ruchir Pandya and Dr Paresh Joshi.

Day 3 - Creative story Writing

Students need a break from bookish knowledge and learn practically so creative zone organized ‘Creative Story Writing’ to get exposure to imaginative life. It was on 8th February 2017 in room number 121 from 12:00 noon onwards. There were total 32 participants. There were four topics given which can be used as either a start or an end of the story. The topics were:

  1. One day my dreams were shattered and I met a friend who inspired me................
  2. ................. It was almost and alarm rang and I woke up...................
  3. Having dinner my parents expressed their wish that I must pursue............. But I wanted......
  4. I am in this dark corner of the room completely devastated........................

The rules for the competition were as follows: The creative story writing should be limited to 3000 words, the time limit allotted was 80 minutes and only English language was allowed. All the students wrote creative story as per their perspective and imagination. First prize is secured by Radhika Parekh, second by Shrushti Pandya and third by Glory Vincent.

Day 4 - Spell-Bee

The last event held on 13th Feb was Spell Bee. The event was held in 4 rounds. The first round was an elimination round where students were given a paper where they had to write the correct spelling of the words provided. Out of which 10 students entered round 2. But only 8 went ahead. Round 2 was an McQ round from which 4 participants were eliminated and rest moved on. Round 3 was a buzzer round at the end of which only 3 participants were qualified. Last was round was rapid fire, which gave a clear picture of the winners. First was Mansi Malvi of FYBA, Second was Radhika Parekh of SYBA and 3rd position was secured by Ishita Sagar of B Sc. The event was highly interesting and ended with a vote of thanks by Saurabh Singh.

Day 5 - Just a Minute

On February 10, 2017 the Creative zone conducted ‘Just a Minute’ competition. There were 9 participants in total. Each participant had to select one topic by choosing the chit on the spot and speak for 1 minute. The speakers were challenged (JAMMED) by the rest of the participants (challengers) on the basis of their mistakes like repetition, hesitation, incorrect grammar, wrong pronunciation, delay in start, etc. The judge for the competition was Mr. Robin Thomas. Most of the students participated actively. The winner of the competition was Bhushan Manek. The runner up of the competition was Zeeba Dossabhoy and third prize went to Mansi Malvi.

Day 6 - Debate

On February 11, 2017 the Creative zone conducted Debate competition. The judges of the competition were Mr Abhijitsinh Vala and Mr Robin Thomas. There were 11 participants. The topics given to the participants the day before were ‘Demonetization’ and ‘Media and Power’. . The participants were divided before handed into two groups. One group had to speak for the topic and the other had to speak against the topic. Participants were expected to be prepared on both the topics and any one final topic was to be selected at the event. On the day of event ‘Demonetization’ topic was selected. The debate competition was held in 4 rounds. In round 1, all the participants of the group had to speak about their topic for 2 minutes. In round 2, the participants had to discuss their point of views with each other. In round 3 the audience asked questions on the arguments made by the participants. Finally the audience voted for the best group. The group that spoke ‘for’ the topic won the debate. The best speaker was Ishita Sagar. The second best speaker was Preet Malhi and Rudra Pandya was awarded the third best speaker.

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