Cultural Club Inaugural Ceremony on 9th July 2016

Culture is something which holds us all together with a common bond. It is the shared knowledge of art and values of a society. It is something which one can never learn, it can only be an experience. “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” says John F. Kennedy, former President of United States of America.

Being one of the major clubs in the college, Cultural club has been a mix and match of different beings, values and ethics synthesized under one roof. No doubt it believes in the motto “Enriching Values, Nourishing Minds”. The club provides enthusiastic support to all the students to bring out the best in them and take up every challenge which help them in their very own overall development. It is not only responsible for the overall holistic development of the students but also strive hard to bring out the best of talents and abilities among them.

With this vision and mission, the Inaugural Ceremony of Cultural Club 2016-17 took place in the Main Conference Hall on 9th July, 2016 under the esteemed presence of Fr. Anish and Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, Principal, Christ College along with other staff members, Club Coordinator, Animators, Office Bearers and student members. With all the blessings from the divine god, the program began with a prayer dance by Celesty John (S.Y.B.A.) followed by the lighting of the holy lamp by Fr. Anish, Dr. Yvonne Fernandes (Principal, Christ College) and Dr. Daphne Fernandes (Coordinator, Cultural Club), Dr. Tisha Roy (Animator, Cultural Club), Ms. Rakhimol Issac (Animator, Cultural Club), Dr. Sharon Mohtra (Animator, Cultural Club) along with Bhoomika Goswami (President) and Manali Galani (Main Coordinator). The Principal then addressed the club members focusing on the needs of working efficiently with unmatched dedication and enthusiasm for the effective functioning of the club. The program was followed with a presentation on objective and functions of the club in a form of short video by Saurabh Singh (T.Y.B.A.)

Dr. Sharon Mohtra then declared the names of the President, Main Coordinator, Vice President, Secretary, and Committee Coordinators along with their Committee Members. All of them pledged to dedicate themselves for all the activities of club and to fulfill all their responsibilities towards the same. Further, an energetic dance performance by Mansi Patel (F.Y.B.A.) was followed with a singing performance by Godly, Emnu, Aby, Armando, Rejison, Abhisha, Bhumi, Divyarajsinh, Glory, Ishita, Jeena, Jesvin, Nishita, Prity, Zeeba and Sheba.

At last, a vote of thanks was proposed by Pranav Thakar (Committee Coordinator) and the program was concluded with the College Anthem.

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