Cybercrime and Security-Celebration of Science and Technology

Celebration of Science and Technology Day- 5th Feb

A Seminar

As part of Science and technology day celebration, Christ College organized seminar on “Cybercrime and Security”. We are thankful to IQAC, Saurashtra University for taking an initiative and giving Christ College, Rajkot an opportunity to organize a seminar for our students.

Mr. Smit Shah from of eSecurify which is Ahmedabad based company, provides security services to variety of institutes and companies. They also worked for government cases like Pathankot attack and cyber wars. They also delivered lectures at premiere institutes like IITs and NITs.

Main contents of the talk were about need of cyber security, Cybercrimes, Hacking and how to save ourselves. As the application era, has been initiated since 2004 cybercrime ratios have also been increased several folds. The situation always requires masters in the field of security, basically as hackers. Ethical hacking for country and for noble cause is need of the day and that was emphasized by Mr. Smit.

He also clarified the basic theoretical aspects regarding differences in web applications and web site, with that he discussed about types of cybercrimes which includes Phishing, Spamming, and Carding, Social engineering, Data Theft and cyber terrorism. He explained all these aspects of crimes with many case studies and examples.

He explained phases and detailed theory of hacking, which includes main 5 phases: information gathering, Gaining Access, establishing function, maintaining access, clearing tracks. He explained with some practical examples of Trojan virus.

He also gave a glance on cyber extortion cases and he discussed various steps to be taken by an individual in his day to day life to save him from such cyber-attacks.

Mr. Smit interacted later with many students and addressed their doubts related to hacking and security. As the need of era the topic and information is really useful.

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