Christmas Celebration at Veja Village Primary School

Event: Christmas Celebration at Veja Village Primary School
Date: 22nd December, 2016
Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Venue: Veja Village Primary School

December 25, 2016 had been a memorable day for the students at Veja Gaam School as well as the members of the Rotaract Club. A celebration had been planned by the students of the Rotaract Club at Christ College along with constant support and guidance from Mrs. Khushali Katira and Mr. Devang Mehta

The function commenced at 12:30 with a round of games which the children enjoyed. Following this was the bursting spirit of the Santa Claus. Fellow Rotarians Bless Abraham and Angel aided in this by volunteering to bring in chocolates and laughter for these children. The students were then led on to dance their hearts out on the playground along with the fellow Rotarians. The merrymaking and the enthusiasm of the children had attracted a decent crowd consisting of their parents and other villagers. Then began a round of a series of smaller games where in the children were divided into two teams and were challenged into completion of small tasks set up by Mrs. Khushali Katira. It was no doubt a perfect way of stimulating the minds and bodies of these children.

The fun and frolic was followed by a surprise treat for the kids. All the kids were gathered in the prayer room and cupcakes were distributed. It was indeed a joy to see those children delighted at the sight of the cupcakes. Stories were then exchanged behind the celebration of Christmas, which amazed the kids. And before everyone knew, it was time to bid farewell to each other and bring an end to that day filled with mirth and laughter…!

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