Pratibimb 2016

Event: Pratibimb 2016
Date: 17th December, 2016

Look into the Mirror, its your competition. We have heard this phrases many times whenever we tried to be the best. It is said we are our own competition and if we can beat ourselves then we can beat anyone in this world. To be the best, we have to challenge ourselves at every level. “Pratibimb” means the reflection in the Mirror- The reflection of our very own-selves which we see in the mirror.

St. Xavier’s with the same spirit in heart and same thoughts in mind organized “PRATIBIMB 2016”- An amalgam of diverse competitions from various fields including Literature, General Awareness, Dance and Music. A group of 33 students along with two faculty members i.e. Dr Sharon Mohtra & Mr. Hardik Udeshi participated in the Cultural Fest. Christies once again showcased their talents by participating in competitions like Debate, Quiz, Spell Bee, Face Painting, Photography, Skit, Mimicry, Western Group Song, Indian Light Vocal Solo & Folk Dance. Christies once again came out with flying colors and brings laurels to the college.

The Winners are as follows:

No Name of the student Class Competition Position
1 Aarsh Panchmatiya B.Com. 6 Street Play Second
Ajay Vadiya B.Com. 6
Ankit Sharma B.Com. 6
Chetan Kotak B.B.A. 6
Kudratgiri Goswami B.Com. 4
Vivek Chotai B.B.A. 4
Mansi Patel B.A. 2
2 Santy Mary Thomas B.A. 6 Folk Dance Second
Rija George B.Sc. 4
Rosemary Antoo B.Sc. 4
Swati Shashy B.C.A 4
Aishwariya Pillai B.Com. 2
Niya John B.Sc. 2
3 Ashely Kurien B.A. 6 Mimicry Third
4 Priyank Bhatt B.B.A 6 Photography Fifth

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