A Report on Integral Bee Contest-2016

As per the Departmental Academic Planning, the department of mathematics conducted Integral Bee Contest 2016 on 10th September 2016 for the students of FY, SY and TY B.Sc Mathematics, Christ College in Room. Total number of registrations was 42 and they were divided into 21 teams each containing 2 participants.

The main aim of contest was to create an interest in the various methods of integral calculus as it is the subject which is widely applicable to all the branches of science like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer applications.

The entire event was organized and supervised by the Department of Mathematics. All the students have actively participated in the Contest and 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks were declared


1 19 1) Modi Heet
2) Khachar Hardeep
TY B.Sc Mathematics
2 6 1) Nirav Pathak
2) Milan Raymangiya
TY B.Sc Mathematics
3 7 1) Bhalodi Savan
2) Kadevar Raj
TY B.Sc Mathematics

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