Review Article Presentation on 9th-10th September 2016

On September 09 and 10,2016 Bioinformatics department conducted an activity “Review Article Presentation” under the leadership of Dr. John J Georrge. All second year BSc Bioinformatics students presented their review articles. All the department staff and students attended the seminar. The session was started at 8:20 am with an introduction speech by Dr. John J George and the session continued by the presentation of students with diverse topics. After completion of every presentation a constructive discussion and the suggestions were added the strength to the program. The following are the topics with student’s name.

S. No Topics Name of the Student
1 Artificial sweeteners (Sugar substitutes) Janvi Gajipara
2 Carnivorous plant (Insect Eating Plants) Pooja
3 Dry eye Rachal
4 Earthworms' Ability To Digest Toxins Varun
5 Genes and Addiction or Genetics of Addiction Kinnari makawana
6 Novel Drug Target Identification Rija
7 Side effects of Indian medicines Sneha
8 Bioluminescence organisms Mishal John
9 Venoms and toxins in medicine Sara

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