Bridge Course for Gujarati Medium Students on 5th July 2016

Bridge Course was organized for the students who have completed their higher secondary education with Gujarati as the medium of instruction. It was organized from 29th June, 2016 to 1st July, 2016 by Dr. Paresh Joshi, Dept. of Arts and Mr. Gaurav Vora, Dept. of Commerce. The course was targeted to motivate students to learn English rather than to teach them English as a language.

On day one, the students were taught different ways to improve their language during their First Year of higher education. First of all they were made aware of language learning strategy i.e. LSRW- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

On the second day, the entire audience was divided into seven groups and each group was shown some video clips of Movies, News, Interviews, etc. for listening practice. After the video was played, they were asked the number of words they could catch up from the clips. In between these videos, they were also shown some motivational videos.

The next day, there were given assignment to read articles from English newspapers available in the college library and they were invited on stage to speak few words on the same article.

Thus the bridge course was aimed at making the students more at ease and helps them overcome the initial fear of a change in the medium of instruction as well as to develop self-confidence.

In addition to this, with the aim of familiarizing the students with the entire campus, a Treasure Hunt was organized on 2nd July; Saturday from 10.00 am onwards, for entire First Year students. There were 27 teams took part covering total 25 destinations on the campus. Valedictory function for this event was held in the Conference Hall and prizes were given to first three teams by Father Benny, Campus Director and Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, Principal, Christ College. Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. Vishal Muliya.

Thus, as per the tradition, Christ College initiated Bridge Course for all First Year students and concluded it with Treasure Hunt.

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