Youth Contest 2016

Department of Business Administration organized Youth Contest on 12th August, 2016. This contest is organized every year by the department to celebrate International Youth Day.


  1. To make students aware about their own strengths and limitations.
  2. To make them realize and understand the critical role that the youth has to play while discharging their duties towards family/parents, school/college and nation.
  3. To make them aware of the issues being faced by today’s youth as well as to give them real life experience of working on youth related issues in a practically challenging environment.

Format of Competition:

There were three rounds in the competition:

Preliminary Round:

All the students of the department participated in this round and they filled self analysis form so as to make them identify their own strengths, weaknesses, and duties towards family, college and society at large. 23 students from three classes were selected for the semi final round. The judges for this round were Mr. Abhijitsinh Vala and Ms. Khushali Katira from the department of Business Administration, Christ College.

Semi Final Round:

Interviews of the participants were held in this round by the judges – Ms. Darshita Ganatra and Mr. Devang Mehta from the department of Business Administration, Christ College. The objective was to test what they actually mean for what they had expressed and written in the form in the first round. 7 students were selected for the final round.

Final Round:

For this last challenging round, students were asked to identify and select an area where improvement is required in the context of the students of the department. They were asked to work on that area and try to bring an improvement in the given one month time period. Three students could not participate in the final round due to their non availability on the day of final competition.

Judges for the final round were Dr. Paresh Joshi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Christ College and Mr. Gaurav Vora, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Christ College. The anchors were Bella Fernandes (Sem 5) and Shivani Parmar (Sem 3).

This final round was divided into two parts:

Part I: Presentation on:

  • (1) Work done and results achieved in the identified area
  • (2) An issue of concern for youth and solutions

Part II: Face off

Following table shows the selection of areas and that of personalities for both the parts

No. Name of Student Presentation Face off
Micro topic (to work on) Macro topic (to give suggestions for) Personality
1 Khushboo Makker Awareness on some issues Psychological Problems among youth Malala Yousafzai
2 Drashti Garach Reading news Intellectual Terrorism Narendra Modi
3 Vidhi Solanki Students’ involvement and participation Technical Youth without the Substance of Truth A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
4 Crizelle Rodrigues Communication in English Drug Addiction M.S.Dhoni

At the end of presentation and face off round, Dr. Paresh Joshi expressed his views on the performance of the participants and gave useful suggestions for the better performance in future. Mr. Gaurav Vora declared result of the competition.


On the basis of cumulative score, following students were declared as winners:

First Rank: Vidhi Solanki (Sem 3)

Second Rank: Drashti Garach (Sem 3)

Judges were presented with the token of gratitude by the student members of the organizing committee. The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Nidhi Nadar (Sem 1).

Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016
Youth Contest 2016

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