Yuva Spandan 2016

Event: Yuva Spandan 2016
Date: 8th & 9th August, 2016


Christ College organized an Intra college youth festival for all the students of the college, under the name Yuva Spandan, celebrating the pulse of the youth. It was a two-day event on the 6th and 7th August 2016. Competitions were conducted in five categories Music, Dance, Literary Events, Theatre and Fine Arts. The pulse of the campus was rejuvenated by the twenty-four competitions which showcased the multi-faceted talents of students. The function was launched by the Director of the Campus, Fr. Benny Joseph along with the Principal, Dr. Yvonne Fernandes. This festive extravaganza not only brought new life to the campus but helped the students in developing their personalities in the extracurricular domain. The Valedictory function was conducted on 9th Aug 2016.


The aim of the event is to provide a platform for all students of the college to express their talents in various cultural events, to work together in the spirit of teamwork and to prepare them for the Saurashtra University Youth Festival.

Team and Team Owners

BSc A (Team Vikramshila): Dr Sushmita & Mr Jagrut
BSc B (Team Takshashila): Dr Vishal & Ms Neha Vanjara
BCom & BCA (Team Nalanda): Mr Gaurav Vora & Ms Tosha Joshi
BBA & BA (Team Vallabhi): Ms Khushali & Mr Hardik Udeshi


Competitions were conducted in the following 5 categories.

Competitions were conducted in the following 5 categories.

  1. Classical Vocal Solo
  2. Western Vocal Solo
  3. Light vocal Solo
  4. Bhajan
  5. Instrumental Music
  6. Group Song (Indian)
  7. Group Song (Western)

Category 2: Dance

  1. Group Dance (Folk/ tribal)
  2. Group Dance (Western)
  3. Classical solo dance

Category 3: Literary Events

  1. Quiz
  2. Elocution
  3. Debate

Category 4: Theatre

  1. Skit
  2. Mime
  3. Mimicry

Category 5: Fine Arts

  1. On the spot Painting
  2. On the spot Photography
  3. Collage
  4. Poster Making
  5. Cartooning
  6. Clay modeling
  7. Rangoli
  8. Best out of waste


  • For solo events each team can send 5 entries
  • For group events each team can send 2 entries
  • Preliminary rounds can be conducted by the team owners.
  • In the final the marking for solo would be 5, 3, 1
  • For group events, the marking would be 15, 10, 5

Final Results:

  • B.Sc. A- Vikramshila – VS
  • B.Sc. B- Takshashila – T
  • B.Com. & B.C.A.- Nalanda – N
  • B.A. & B.B.A.- Vallabhi - V
S.No Event Team
1 Bhajan
Jeswin Joseph N
Kinjal Parmar T
Meet Dudani N
1 Light Vocal Solo
Niya John T
Jeswin Joseph N
Simmy Joseph VS
3 Instrumental
Ishita Teriya V
Rejinson Gohil N
4 Rangoli
Drashti Garach V
Nikita Vyas V
Gautam Parmar N
5 Painting
Gautam Parmar N
Nikita Vyas V
Zalak Gojiya VS
6 Best Out of Waste
Delisha Menezes N
Angel Chandani N
Drashti Garach V
7 Quiz
Rudra Pandya, Somesh Kumar & Amen Savle T
Abhishek Davda, Sachin Ajudiya & Kevin Mathew TS
Saurabh Singh, Rutva Dave & Seba Saji V
8 Classical Solo Dance
Radhika Parekh V
Kanan Raval VS
Debrati Roy N
9 Elouction
Mansi Malvi V
Aarsh Panchmatiya N
Vini Madatil T
10 Cartooning
Mathukiya Parmit T
Purvi VS
Harsh Vyas V
11 Clay Modeling
Gojiya Zalak VS
Erica Sojitra T
Ratna Padalia T
12 Group Dance Indian
Hasti & group VS
Mansi & group V
Kinjal & group T
13 Group Dance Western
Bharti & group V
Harshil & group V
Sanskriti & group T
14 Photography
Pranav Patel VS
Bhavya Joshi V
Priyank Bhatt V
15 Poster
Gautam Parmar N
Mansi Malvi V
Purva Trivedi V
16 Collage
Drashti Garach V
Jessa Theresa T
Kanan Raval VS
17 Debate
Purva Trivedi (Best Speaker)
Kushboo Makkar
Ishita Sagar
Vini Madathil
Bhoomika Goswami
Farida Chawla
18 Group Song Indian
Takshashila T
19 Group Song Western
Vallabhi V
Takshashila T
Nalanda N
20 Western Solo
Celesty John V
Hiral Jadeja V
Godly David N
21 Skit
Nalanda N
Vallabhi V
Takshashila T
22 Mime
Nalanda N
Vallabhi V
Takshashila T
23 Mimicry
Ashley Kurien V
Deep Sorathiya VS
Abhishek Hariyani N

Overall Champion of YUVA SPANDAN 2016: Vallabhi

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