Guest Lecture on 24th June 2016

A lecture on “Introduction to Biomaterial Crystals” was organized by the Department of Physics for the students of B.Sc. Physics. The resource person, Dr. Mihir Joshi, Professor, Department of Physics, Saurashtra University, Rajkot is an expert in the field of crystallography.  The lecture was attended by the Principal Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, faculty members and students.

Dr. Mihir Joshi began his lecture by showing the slides of different types of beautiful crystals, both natural and artificial. Biomaterial crystals are the crystals that grow in our body due to various reasons. Kidney stones, the gall stones, the crystals responsible for gout, etc are some examples for biomaterial crystals. He then described the methods of growing these crystals in the laboratory and explained how to inhibit the growth of these crystals in human body.

The lecture was very useful, informative and interesting for both students and faculty members.

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