An oral presentation competition for the first year, second year and third year BSc A-group students was conducted on October 6, 2020. 16 students participated in the online competition. Dr. Nimisha Vaidya, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Dr. Ashish Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics were the judges. Highly challenging topics like gravitational lensing, concept of space time curvature, string theory, quantum particles etc. were presented in the competition.

The list of winners is given below.

1 Khushali Depani SY BSc Detection of Gravitational waves and Blackholes First
2 Trivedi Udit TY Physics Concept of Space Time Curvature First
3 Namit Kamani TY Physics Chasing the realities of Quantum Mechanics Second
4 Yash Oza FY BSc String theory- The theory of everything Second
5 Jadeja Kunjalba TY Physics Electromagnetism Third
6 Kunj Vachhani FY BSc Quantum Particles Third

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