Poster Presentation Competition

A Poster Presentation Competition was organized by the Department of Physics for the students of A Group. About 100 students comprising 26 teams participated in the competition. Attractive posters on wide range of topics including Gravitational lensing, Warm holes, Black holes, Smart materials, Fundamental particles, Relativity, String theory etc were displayed in the competition. Dr. Savan Mankadia, Asst. Prof. Department of Physics, Christ College and Dr. Ojas Suroo, Asst. Prof. Department of Physics, Christ Polytechnic Institute judged the posters very meticulously. The results are summarized below.

First Prize: Preet Kagathara - TYBSc Physics
Second Prize: Team -Kanan Raval and Reema Kubavat - SYBc A2
Third Prize: Two teams

Team 1 - Sebin Panangaden, Prayag Jivani, Sarvesh Nanjee and Meetkumar - SYBSc A1

Team 2 - Abi Babukutty, Abhishek Sharma, Reshma Mohan, Simmy Joseph & Solomon - FYBSc A

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