It was a special celebration from creative zone to celebrate the chocolate greeting’s day. The main goal was to show how much one cares for his or her friends. Good friends always look for a surprise chance for greeting their loved ones without their knowledge. So the creative zone had arranged a wonderful chance for those good friends. The booking of the cards started from 18th of July and ended on 23rd July, from 11:35am to 2:00pm on each day. The beautiful cards were of different size and price. The 10 rupees card was named as ‘selfish’ attached with a ‘shots’. The 20 rupees card was named as ‘crazy one’ attached with a ‘five star’. The 30 rupees card was named as ‘frenemy’ attached with‘diary milk’. The 50 rupees card was named as ‘one n only’ attached with a ‘kitkat’. The 100 rupees card was named as ‘special one’ attached with a ‘Cadbury fruits n nuts’. Cards were distributed on 25th July wherein Mr. Chocolate and Miss. Chocolate were selected on the basis of the most number of cards received. The winners from Christ College were Jignasha Khunt and Bharati Kushaw from girls and Darsh and Prashant from boys. We had a girl  as and a boy winners from Christ Polytechnic Institute. All were greeted with a certificate, basket of chocolates and a sash. It was really a good opportunity for everyone to give a surprise for their friends by booking cards. This occasion provided a platform for BA students to showcase their talents and team spirit.

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