Youth Festival 2018

Event: Youth Festival - 2018 by Cultural Club
Date: 8th to 10th October, 2018
Place: Saurashtra University

Saurashtra University, to encourage the social, intellectual and cultural manpower of its students, organizes a three-day Youth Festival for U.G. and P.G. students of the affiliated colleges. This year, the University organized the inter-college ‘SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY YOUTH FESTIVAL 2018-19’ on 8th, 9th and 10th of October 2018. The event comprised of thirty three competitions in three different categories. Literary genre included competitions like Elocution, Debate, Quiz, etc. The Arts genre comprised of Painting, Poster-Making, Rangoli, Collage-making etc. while competitions like Classical and Light-classical singing, Western singing, Folk-singing, Instrument-playing, Classical dance, Garba dance and Folk dance were the competitions included under the Cultural genre. As a matter of pride, students of Christ College have come out with flying colours in the event, dragging in the maximum number of prizes. The students who have won laurel to the college are:

No Name of the Student Competition Position
1 Oluwadipe Oluwafisayo Ruth Western vocal solo First
2 Mayank Sharma Cartooning First
3 Ishita Soni Mimicry Second
4 Milind Bosamia Gazal writing Second
5 Vishwa Thaker Mime Second
Aeisha Tanti
Shohan Ashok
Varun Thadeshwar
Niti Vachhani
Darpak Bhatt
6 Ishita Teraiya Classical instrumental solo Third
7 Nidhi Shah Classical dance Third
8 Nishad Vasavada Light vocal (Indian) Third
9 Godly David Group song (western) Third
Vishwa Dhanesha
Nishita Ranpara
Harin Joshi
Oluwadipe Oluwafisayo Ruth
Jyoti Gohil

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