Video Lecture By Bioinformatics Department

On July 18 and 19, 2016, Bioinformatics department conducted a video lecture for the students of BSc Bioinformatics, under the leadership of Dr. John J Georrge. On the first day the video lecture included videos on Human Genome Project (5 min), DNA sequencing (10 min), what is life (6:12 min) by Erwin Schrodinger, Bioinformatics for better tomorrow of IIT Delhi (6min), DNA’s story by Watson and Crick (2:20 min), and The double helix and today’s DNA mysteries by Dr. James Watson (20 min). Dr. Georrge explained each video in brief for the better understanding of students. This was done in the first two lectures. Next day (July 19, 2016) this activity was continued with a video of Speech at the GenBank’s 25th anniversary by Francis Colline, the director of NIH (52:04). The activity provided a good opportunity to the students to watch the video lecture of International Scientists.

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