LAN Gaming Competition by Digitizer Club

On January 16 & 17, 2018 the Digitizer Club organized a LAN Gaming Competition for all the students of Christ College. The competition included two different games:

  • NFS (Need for Speed)
  • CS (Counter Strike)

There were total 62 registration for NFS and 10 Team registration for CS. CS has to be played in a team of four while NFS has to be played stand-alone. The Game was played in Lab - 1 and Lab – 2. The game was played with great energy and fun. All enjoyed a lot. At the end Winners were awarded with the prizes by Dr. Yvonne Fernandes, Principal Christ College.

Game Winners 1st Runners Up
CS Yash Siddhpura Zeel Bhalodi
Nishad Solanki Bhushan Kagathara
Brijesh Apat Jaydeep Vasani
Yogiraj Vakil Shubhdeep Banerjee
NFS Ramiz Bloch Stephen Solomon
LAN Gaming Competition
LAN Gaming Competition
LAN Gaming Competition
Prize Distribution

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