Industrial Visit (Parle, Bhuj)

Department of Business Administration organized an industrial visit to Parle G plant at Bhuj on 16th July, 2016 for the students of BBA semester 5.


To make students aware about the practical perspectives of management practices followed in the corporate field.

Parle plant is situated at Ler, Bhuj taluka, district Kutch. 33 students visited the plant and they were accompanied by two faculty members – Ms. Darshita Ganatra and Mr. Abhijitsinh Vala. Mainly Parle G, Monaco and Krack Jack biscuits are produced at this plant.

Students were shown presentation on the establishment, history and product lines and different variants offered in each product line by the company. Mr. Mohanlal Dayalji established the first plant of confectionery in Germany. After 10 years, Mr. Narottam Chauhan established biscuits plant in Vile Parle in 1929. Students interacted with Ms. Monica Pandyan and got their queries solved.

Production process was shown and explained to the students by Ms. Monica Pandyan, Executive in charge of HR and CSR. It was as follows:

First wheat flour and sugar are mixed in the mixer. Then it goes for molding followed by baking in the oven at 300 to 350 degree Celsius. The next step in the process is cooling. After that they are separated in the stackers according to the quantity set. Then biscuits are packed in the bags and finally in cartoons.

One of the distinguishing features of the plant is implementation of Japanese five S system of quality control and management. It has five components:

  • 1. SERI – differentiation of wanted and unwanted things
  • 2. SEITON – place for everything
  • 3. SEISO – cleanliness
  • 4. SEIKETU – standardization
  • 5. SHITSUKE – disciple

It was a very fruitful and productive visit to one of the successful manufacturing plants.

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