Workshop on Reference Managing Tools by Bioinformatics Department-2017

The department of Bioinformatics, Christ College, Rajkot, conducted a workshop on Reference Managing Tools on the 7th of June, 2017 from 9:00 Am to 11:35 Am. It was organized and managed by Dr. John J Georrge, HOD of the department of Bioinformatics. This activity was conducted for the students of the third and second year students of the department, but basically for the second-year students. The third-year students conducted this activity in the presence and guidance of Dr. John. The students were taught to use EndNote as a reference manager. There was an introductory session by Dr. John followed by the basic instructions by Mishal John, student of the TY BI. The students were asked taught how to add a reference to a document. The students were given time and materials to practice and clarify their idea on the activity and to rectify their mistakes if they were wrong or helped in case they stuck somewhere. The students of third year also helped the juniors in better understanding of the concept. Hence it was a good experience and of great help for the students of second year.

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