On August 01, 2017, Chemistry Department organized ChemShow wherein chemistry related experiments were demonstrated in an interesting way to the students making their concepts clearer and approachable towards applied science. Chemistry department conducted various practicals and the principle and logic was explained by Dr. Abhay Bavishi, Assistant Prof. Department of Chemistry.

The list of experiments included:

  • Graphite bulb
  • Decomposition of H2O2
  • Elephant toothpaste (decomposition of peroxide in presence of soap)
  • Plasma bulb
  • Dehydration of sugar
  • Burning of Tea bags (Dip tea)
  • Gold rain (lead iodide crystals)
  • Invisible letter
  • Burning of currency in presence of mixture of combustible and non-combustible solvents
  • Preparation of fire cracker (potassium nitrate & sugar combination)
  • Neutralization reaction using exhaled CO2

More than 100 students actively participated in the ChemShow programme showing a great deal of enthusiasm in learning Chemistry. Student’s enthusiasm motivated us to do more innovative and fascinating experiments of Chemistry to be demonstrated as to enhance their knowledge of applied subject.


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