Workshop on Reference Manager

On July 8 and 9, 2016, Bioinformatics department conducted a workshop on REFERENCE MANAGER for the Second year students of BSc Bioinformatics, led by Dr. John J Georrge. The discussion started with some basic terminologies (impact factor and citation), types of articles (research & review articles, open and closed access journals / articles), literature database (Google scholar, Google Books, PubMed, PMC and OMIM), journal publishers (Nature, Springer, Elsevier, etc.), and the reference managers (Mendeley, EndNote and Colwiz). Also, he clearly demonstrated the reference formats / styles, which included APA (American Psychological Association), ACS, Vancouver, Numbered and many others. He also specified that there were two types of references: Bibliography, the references taken from books & articles, and Webliography, which includes URLs (websites). He also provided information about the six parameters and their order, followed by the reputed journal publishers which are authors name, title of the article, name of the journal, year, volume no, and page no. Dr. Georrge clearly demonstrated how to add references from various freely accessible bibliographic literature databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar, books of some of the leading publishers like Springer. Two lectures were utilized for this workshop. Students were given time to practice and rectify their errors.

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