Report on FDP “BE YOUR OWN MASTER” through on Vipassana

The new academic year began with a 3 hour special talk on “Be your own master” through vipassana meditation technique conducted by Ms. Belaben Varsani and other Vipassana teacher from Saurashtra Research Centre, Dhammkot (SRCD). It was attended by Shri Rajubhai Mehta, Center Teacher and main trustee of SRCD, Mrs Urviben Savjani, Ms. Sarojben, Mr Rashikbhai and Ms Disha Thakkar.   

They were a five vipassana teachers and a sadhak visited our campus. They started with meditation in the conference hall before starting the talk. They were 60 participants including teaching staff and non-teaching staff.

 It is an ancient technique, which enhances the beauty of life through its practical and scientific approach rediscovered by the super scientist of the era -- Gautama Buddha.

Talk was delivered by Belaben Varsani. She spoke about “Be your own master” through Vipassana. She started with practical session of ANAPANA meditation. She spoke about scientific basis of meditation and how it can be useful in the mind purification process and management of stress and anger. She stressed on importance of “being in the present” which ultimately is Vipassana. She showed the videos on Vipassana in Business, where a top business executives shared their experiences of practicing vipassana daily and experiences of different people from all sectors including Tihar jail.  She spoke on difference between conscious and unconscious mind and how practicing vipassana would bring change in the individual as well as in the society. Also intercalating the meditation practice among students would help them to manage stress and improve the concentration. It was indeed an interactive, energising and refreshing session.

Ms Belaben Varsani, Vipassana Teacher from Saurashtra Vipassana research centre, Dhamkot
Director, Fr. Benny and Principal, Dr. Yvonne Fernandes with Shri Rajubhai Mehta, Centre teacher and trustee of Saurashtra Vipassna Research centre with Rashikbhai

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